Damage Survey

Damage surveys are mostly required by insurance companies upon receipt of a claim being made on a marine policy. The conditions for a damage survey are completely unique to the situation, however we will always seek to establish the cause, the extent of the damage (often far beyond the obvious), the required repairs, and the amount of time and money necessary to bring her back to how she was.

There may also be occasions when you wish to involve your own marine surveyor to look after your interests, which we can happily arrange for. The same applies if you’ve suffered a small amount of damage and are unsure whether you should involve your insurers. We can inspect the damage and provide a quote for the repairs, giving you a clear idea as to whether the insurance company are required.

These are often stressful situations for the owner so we will be happy to prepare a work specification and tender with different yards on your behalf. We have a large network of yards and suppliers so you can be confident that we will arrange for the most suitable personnel to carry out the work whilst staying within budget.

It is common for the surveyor to remain on the project and oversee all repair work, ensuring that it is to spec and of the highest quality. We would be happy to do this for you if required.

Always keep a copy of a surveyors' damage report and repair specification, as this will be important when re-insuring or selling the vessel. As well as the full extent of damage, the surveyor should detail the exact repair and materials that are required. This will certainly reassure a potential buyer or insurance broker that the work carried out is of the highest standard.

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