Hull Condition Survey / Osmosis Check

Hull ccndition surveys/osmosis checks are limited surveys, focusing exclusively on the condition and integrity of the vessel's hull. Many owners of GRP boats fear osmosis, or 'boat pox' as it commonly known, however its certainly not the death sentence many make it out to be!

We will start by removing multiple areas of antifouling, as this is necessary to inspect the gelcoat surface for signs of wicking or blistering, and relative moisture content will be measured using a Tramex moisture meter. Where necessary, we can advise on the required treatment options, and oversee the repair work, signing off on each of the key stages.

For GRP boats and yachts, inspection for osmosis will be undertaken as part of a full pre-Purchase or condition survey. However, early detection is key if osmosis is to be avoided and considering that full condition surveys are rarely repeated, it is often suggested that when an osmotic condition is expected, the boat hull should be moisture tested at the end of each season.

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