Safety Equipment Survey

Safety Equipment SurveyWith plenty of experience in the commercial sector, we are perfectly placed to carry out an inspection of your safety equipment. We can inspect your equipment for defects and suitability, and advise on the various laws and regulations that govern safety equipment at sea.

This will give you and your crew peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that not only are you legally compliant, but that you have all of the equipment necessary to assist you, should the worst happen.

We will assess all the safety equipment onboard your vessel for condition, expiration and suitability, advising where necessary. Examples of the equipment we check include:

We also offer safety equipment checks across Cornwall and Devon as part of a retained monthly service. Along with many other benefits, arranging for the replacement of used or expired equipment is included, often at a discounted price. If this may be of interest to you, more information can be found on the applicable page for either leisure vessels or fishing vessels.

To arrange a safety equipment inspection or to discuss a tailored vessel package, please get in touch.

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