Types of Survey

The scope of the survey is essentially up to the client and can be as full or as partial as they require. However, the most common surveys that we carry out are Pre-purchase, Insurance and Damage surveys, as well as valuations, sail inspections and safety equipment checks.

If you require any of the listed services, or would like more information about a particular survey, please get in touch.

The Survey Report

Upon completion of a survey, we will contact you to for a brief verbal report of the overall condition, with particular emphasis on any areas that require swift attention. The next stage is to produce a comprehensive written report, which we aim to have with you within 3-4 working days. The use of complicated and intimidating language will be kept to a minimum, however where technical terms are necessary, they will be clearly explained. Photographs of problems and defects will also be used throughout the report, to help add further clarity.

Just because you have received the report, it does not necessarily mean the end of our working relationship. We will always be happy to discuss the findings or answer any queries that you may have.

Survey Preparations

The following preparations should be made prior to the survey:

If any of the above are not possible, please inform us in advance of the survey. And remember, time spent emptying the boat is time not spent surveying!


Because the type, design and construction of vessels varies so much, it is impossible to give a ‘one size fits all’ price for a Pre-Purchase or insurance survey. An approximate guide of between £11- £14 per Ft/LOA can be used however, when quoting we consider the following:

Some of our other services are more straight forward, and are priced as below:

Valuations: Free as part of a Pre-purchase or insurance survey. From £119 for a standalone inspection.
Damage surveys: Due to the nature of these surveys, they are priced by the hour. Our price is from £38/hour.
Sea trials: Charged at £6 per Ft/LOA.
Safety equip survey: From £85 for vessels under 40' LOA. From £125 for vessel over 40' LOA.
Sail Inspection: Sails are taken to a sail loft and inspected alongside a sailmaker. From £129.

All of our prices are based on the industry standard, and we believe them to be very competitive. We do not charge VAT, or travelling expenses to any survey within Cornwall. Where the client requires us to travel further afield, expenses will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, and we will always endeavour to keep them as low as possible.

If you would like more information about a particular service please get in touch.

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Why have a marine survey?


First and foremost, the most important reason to have a survey is for vessel and crew safety!

The purchase of a vessel is likely to be one of your greatest expenditures, so a conscientious buyer will wish to know the condition prior to offer and consequent purchase. This could result in the finding of serious issues before it is too late, or give the peace of mind of a sound purchase.

So, should you employ the services of a professional marine surveyor?